We seek people who care about our mission, enjoy thinking about how to improve the product, and are comfortable with the close-knit, fast-paced nature of new startups.

We practice skills-based hiring, so do not be discouraged if you have the "wrong" background.

We hire globally, requiring no visa or relocation, on the condition that employees agree to attend meetings during California hours; roughly 9-5 Pacific Time (UTC-8 except in daylight savings). We are async first but not async only!

Pay is based on location and expertise. Four day contracts are negotiable for senior contributors!


As a high-functioning team we believe in creating an environment in which we can keep learning, and investing in the quality of our work.

We believe in frank and collegial criticism of ideas, especially when it is directed upwards.

We value privacy for customers, and transparency inside the company.

Why join?

Join to build something you can be proud of, and really feel your own contribution. Join to see how much you can accomplish in a productive setting with modern technology and, most importantly, join to advance remote work.


We offer generous equity (for many but not all countries), career growth/guidance, minimal bureaucracy, and all the benefits of remote work!


We are open to all and we value diversity. Something that remote work enables ;)

Interviewing process

Our interviews are broader that those of bigger tech companies, because we believe well-rounded people make better products and workplaces.

Front-End Engineer

You are the founding front-end engineer! You are going to write a responsive web client for mobile and desktop devices.

What you'll do

  • Write a web client in Svelte
  • Instrument and dashboard events so we can improve the product
Back-End Engineer

Your challenge is to build the back end of our communication platform and potentially lead the team!

What you'll do

  • Create a REST server in Kotlin
  • Implement logging and tracing for observability, security, marketing, product development, etc.
  • Design an API so users can extend the product with bots and integrations

Need to know

  • How to write maintainable, scalable, and robust code
  • Multi-tenant architecture
  • Cloud design patterns
  • Containerized deployment
  • Build systems, like bazel
  • Basic security principles
  • Relational schema design
  • How to do the above on AWS

Nice to know

  • Distributed databases
  • Pulumi or Terraform CDK
  • Kubernetes and Kafka
  • Security by design
  • Video chat- and conference architecture design
Platform Engineer

Your primary challenge is to enable developers and data scientists. Your secondary challenge is to make the business more efficient.

What you'll do

  • Make everything self-serve using platform-agnostic abstractions so developers do not directly interact with AWS
  • Set up CI/CD and workflow pipelines, a knowledgebase, developer portal, cloud development environment, etc.
  • Cloud (cost) optimization
  • Set up multi-cloud deployment for ML workloads
  • Create dashboards to monitor developer experience
  • Select and manage software services that serve the job's goals

Need to know

  • AWS
  • Cloud design patterns
  • Build systems like bazel
  • Kubernetes and Docker

Nice to know

  • Pulumi or CDK for Terraform
Machine Learning Engineer

Your challenge is to help us live up to the AI in our company's name!

What you'll do

  • Enable natural language question answering, semantic search, summarization, content understanding, etc.
  • Set up multi-modal representation learning, taking into account cost and privacy as well as performance
  • Enable ML observability
  • Stay on top of the latest research and tools
  • Help data scientists with any productionization, esp. as it relates to experimentation and anomaly detection for dashboarding

Need to know

  • Deep learning
  • How to write maintainable, reliable, and scalable production software
  • How to understand and implement the latest research

Nice to know

  • Interpretability and explainability
  • Large language models
  • Model distillation
  • Geometric learning
  • Privacy preservation
  • Causal machine learning
  • Ability to improve on existing research
Site Reliability Engineer

Your challenge is to keep us safe but nimble!

What you'll do

  • Establish a culture of security by design
  • Design the security policy
  • Review designs for security
  • Set up device management
  • Set up automated security scanning
  • Set up chaos engineering
  • Set up hardware authentication for employees
  • Set up and own observability; searchable and centralized logging, tracing, dashboarding
  • Prepare us for GDPR and SOC2
  • Stay on top of security bugs
  • Secure the supply chain
  • Be on call for infra-related issues

Need to know

  • AWS Security
  • Pulumi or Terraform (CDK)

Nice to know

  • Cryptography
UI/Web Designer

Your challenge is to make our product beautiful and easy to use!

What you'll do

  • Design the user interface
  • Conduct user research
  • Maintain our Web site
  • Create our design system
  • Design our visual identity
  • Create visual marketing content
  • Create templates for articles, presentations, and reports

Need to know

  • Ability to incorporate creative feedback real-time in an exploratory exchange

Nice to know

  • Group communication and collaboration software
  • Organizational theory
  • Product design
  • Accessibility
  • Motion graphics
  • 3D Design
  • Drawing
  • Photography
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
Data Scientist

Your challenge is to help us make informed decisions so we can improve the product and the company!

What you'll do

  • Design an experimentation framework that accommodates RCTs and offline experimentation through causal inference
  • Design dashboards to track business metrics
  • Study customer behavior and design surveys to guide product design and marketing, and document it in reports and visualizations.
  • Optimize pricing

Need to know

  • Frequentist and Bayesian statistics
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Monte Carlo methods
  • Experiment design
  • Causal inference (SCM, SEM, DiD, IV, PS, SC, RDD)
  • SQL and Python

Nice to know

  • Organizational economics
  • Long-term effect modeling
  • Microeconomics
  • Software engineering
  • Machine learning
  • Spark

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